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December 28, 2017

Temperatures expected to dip further in January 2018

MYSURU, DECEMBER 27, 2017 23:35 IST
Winter is here and the sweaters and woollens have been in vogue for a while now. And they are likely to stay so, as according to the scientists at the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre, there will be a further drop in temperatures in January.

S.S.M Gavaskar, scientist at the KSNDMC, a State government-affiliated cell set up to monitor natural disasters and provide early warning and forecasts, the last 10 yearly averages of minimum temperatures in Mysuru during the month of January fall between 9° and 11° Celsius.

“We can expect the temperatures to be in single digit degrees on most days of January, which will be peak winter season. But even though the temperature is expected to dip, the cold will not be severe,” he said.

On the prevailing weather conditions in Mysuru region, Mr. Gavaskar said the temperature was ranging between a minimum of 14° to a maximum of 29°. However, he said, the minimum and maximum temperatures were 1-2° above normal.

He said the region was still receiving the north-eastern winds and was yet to experience the northerly winds, which will further bring down the mercury level.

The minimum temperature, recorded just before sunrise, may be lower than the figure recorded in urban areas. For instance, the temperature in rural parts of Mysuru is likely to be lower than the 15.9° Celsius recorded in the city.

“Normally, the temperature is higher in hilly areas and places with vegetation,” he said, pointing to the minimum temperatures in Hassan and Madikeri that are surrounded by thick vegetation and hills. In Hassan, it was 7.8° on Wednesday — almost 6° less than normal. In Madikeri, it was 12.8°.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Centre in Bengaluru said there was no big change in minimum temperatures across the State. Sources said though the temperatures were below normal in a few places in coastal and north interior Karnataka, they were normal in south interior Karnataka.

According to the Met Centre’s local forecast for Bengaluru city and its surroundings, valid till the morning of December 29, the maximum and minimum temperatures are likely to be 27° and 14°, respectively. Fog and mist are likely in the early morning in some areas.