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February 8, 2018

BENGALURU Unseasonal rain cools Bengaluru

After days of searing heat, Wednesday saw the city under a cover of clouds. Temperature during the day fell while the slightest of rain cooled down a few areas.
Rain in February is unusual. On average, just 5.4 mm of rainfall is received in Bengaluru, but no rainfall was seen in the past four years.
It was a blink-and-miss drizzle in most part of the city, but certain pockets recorded significant rainfall.
According to the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre, the highest rainfall was 25mm in Sarakki in south Bengaluru. Avalahalli and Bidarahalli recorded more than 15mm of rainfall. In Bengauru Rural, one of their monitoring stations recorded rainfall of 37.50mm.
Sundar Metri, Director of IMD in Bengaluru, said the State was enveloped in cloud cover because of a trough of low pressure coming in from Maldives as well as a low pressure system in south western Bay of Bengal. “We can expect light rain in the coming 48 hours. The day-time temperature will dip while in south Karnataka, the night-time temperature will rise,” he said.