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February 27, 2018


With mercury soaring by the day, weatherman says it could hit 39° this season

The city is experiencing a rise in mercury level for the last one week. And it's going to get worse. Weathermen say the temperature is expected to gradually rise from now on and brace yourself for warmer months, from March to May.

The city witnessed 32 degrees Celsius on Sunday and Monday, while Ballari district witnessed 37 degrees and most of the coastal regions in the state too saw a rise in the mercury level. “The temperature is still normal as far as our prediction for February is concerned,” said Sundar M Metri, director and scientist India Meteorological Department (IMD).

Though Bengalureans are feeling the heat, state officials say this feeling is because of the transition period. Srinivas Reddy, director, Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC) told, “March is nearing and summer is setting in slowly. The maximum temperature has gone up, but still evenings are really cold. While we still call it a normal temperature, people feel this uneasy because it is a transition period from winter to summer.”

He added, “Usually, the end of February is like this and actual summer is from March to April, where we are expecting the temperature to rise gradually from now on.

While 34 degrees Celsius is the normal during the summers, it can go up to 38 or 39 this time.”

March to May is considered really hot. MeT men have predicted the temperature to go up, experts say, the coastal districts will see a drastic increase in the temperature.

Another scientist from KSNDMC said, “In coastal districts, the temperature is already increasing and from now onwards it will keep going up. From March 1st week, within next 6-10 days, the mercury level will rise."

The KSNDMC scientist added, “The temperature touched 30 degree Celsius from February 16 and 17 and from then there is a slow increase."

However, while this is a prelude to summers, Sundar added, “We cannot consider it as summer as of now, but when there is a clear sky, definitely there will be heat as well. The effect of concretisation and high-rise buildings with glasses add up to the rise in the temperature in the city limits,” added Sundar. Brace yourself up for a harsh summer.

Drink plenty of water: Students advised

The exam season is set to begin from March 1 and students will will have to face physical and mental burden this year, keeping in mind the rising mercury levels.
C Shikha, PU director said, has some advice for the students: “Keeping in mind the weather conditions, we advise the students to wear comfortable clothes to examination halls. They also need to ensure that footwear is also comfortable bearing this weather conditions.” She added, “Another main thing is to keep themselves hydrated and drink a lot of water. They can even carry water bottles to the halls though it is available in exam centres. Before and after the examinations, students need to focus on nutritious food habits."